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Shopping bag Shop LocalDecember 18, 2018 – Decorah & Cresco – THIS PROMOTION HAS EXPIRED. This round of our latest Debit Card Shop Local promotion has come to an end. Thank you to all of you using your debit card and shopping and dining locally! Congratulations to our twenty shop local winners who have each received $250 in cash for using their debit cards in Howard & Winneshiek Counties.

Shop Local Winners of $250

Week One: Megan B. of Decorah; Briana B. of Decorah; Anthony C. of Decorah; and Joseph L. of Cresco

Week Two: Ray B. of Lime Springs; Janet H. of Decorah; Susan H. of Decorah; and Kelly A. of Decorah

Week Three: Greg M. of Decorah; Kristin T. of Decorah; Lester B. of Decorah; and Mindy L. of Cresco

Week Four: Grant T. of Cresco; Elliott J. of Decorah; Boyd W. of Decorah; and Jay T. of Decorah

Week Five: Nikki B. of Decorah; William S. of Waukon; Mary S. of Decorah; and Jeromy S. of Cresco

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