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Bankers like to have fun too

June 12, 2018 – Decorah – Further development of a 2 acre Decorah City Park in the Vennehjem neighborhood, located just off Locust Road is underway. The land was donated by the Stan and Mary Jo Finholt family, a picnic shelter was given by Vesterheim Museum, and Decorah City Parks & Recreation staff recently planted trees and completed perennial landscaping. Decorah Bank & Trust recently provided $5,000 to move the park to the next development phase. This money will add to the existing Vennehjem Park fund initially established by individuals, families, and businesses. The plan will add more park amenities including; playground equipment, benches, additional trees, and a walking path around the park.

Decorah Parks and Recreation director Andy Nimrod says, “Vennehjem Park has been a wonderful addition to our 660+ acres of parkland that is maintained in the community. There is a bbq grill in place and a few picnic tables; pack a lunch and enjoy an outing. This park is open for everyone to enjoy and I thank Decorah Bank for its contribution to this community project.”

Vennehjem Park

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