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Heart“I recently helped a customer who wanted to open an account. When he came into my office, he shook my hand and thanked the bank right away, saying how we gave him a chance when he was at “rock bottom.” I’ve heard this many times from other customers, in reference to Harold Grimstad, along with Larry, stating, “they took a chance on me,” “I’ll never forget that”…

The customer was initially looking to open a savings account, but he was depositing a larger check so I referred him to an Insured Money Market Investment account. I thought he could get more bang for his buck that way and he agreed. We had a great, fun conversation, as we small talked about family & friends. When we finished, he thanked me again & thanked the bank.

It is stories like this that really make me enjoy my job of helping others. It’s very heartwarming and when they leave, you just can’t help but smile, knowing you’re doing a good thing by bringing value to your customer’s life.”

– Liz, Personal Banker

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