Save the Change

A service that helps you automatically save money.

Jar of coinsNow you can build your savings automatically. Our Save the Change service is an easy way to build your savings plan by transferring funds from one account to another.

If you’ve been putting off saving money, this is your simple solution.

1. How would you like to save money? Choose A or B.
Option A: We’ll round up each debit card purchase to the nearest dollar and transfer the change at the end of the day from your checking to a different deposit account; most likely your savings.

You will need a Decorah Bank or Cresco Bank debit cardchecking account or a savings account.

Then use your debit card for everyday purchases, such as the grocery store, or to buy fuel. Spend like you normally would. Tip, you can use your debit card for online purchases too.

Option B
: No debit card? No problem. You can set your
Save the Change service to round down the change from your checking account balance and transfer the change to another account at the end of each day. You pick whether you want to transfer the change to another Decorah Bank or Cresco Bank checking account or savings account.

You will need 
a Decorah Bank or Cresco Bank checking account or a savings account.

2. Enroll.
Contact a personal banker and ask them to set up your Save the Change service. You will be asked if you prefer Option A (debit card) or B (no debit card). Your personal banker will help you determine which saving option might work best for you if you are unsure.

3. Enjoy!
Watch your savings account automatically grow with Save the Change. Ready to open a checking or savings account? Open an account online or contact a personal banker to get started.

If you choose to save by using your debit card, this is a typical weekly purchases example:

Purchases example

Unfortunately, most American’s save well below 5% of what he or she earns. We will do our part to try to reverse that trend –  Save the Change might be an important first step for some.

Contact us about Save the Change.