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Scam AlertDecember 30, 2019 – Decorah & Cresco – Sadly, holiday time finds fraud grinches working overtime attempting to get to your private financial information. On December 26 & 27, 2019, Decorah Bank & Trust received reports of texts and phone calls that displayed as coming from Decorah Bank. As a reminder, the Bank will never text, email, or call you asking for private information like your online banking username, password, or card number. Always be skeptical about unsolicited calls, texts, mail, and email. When in doubt, don’t respond; hang up, don’t click links, don’t reply to a text message. Instead, call the Bank directly to check on validation of the communication you received. If a call or item that you received is identified as suspected fraud, block or mark items as spam and delete it.

Cardholders that have questions can call SHAZAM at 866-508-2693 after hours. SHAZAM’s text shortcode for 72718. You may want to add these numbers to your contacts. Fraudsters have gained the reputation of hitting up an area for a few days before moving on to another area in the U.S. No one is immune to the unlawful attempts of scammers, your awareness is your best line of defense. Learn more in our Knowledge Center at

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