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twenty four seven phone serviceJuly 21, 2020 – Making your banking experience as simple and accessible as possible is important to us. We know we are not always available when you have digital banking questions.

That’s why we’ve partnered with a trusted U.S. based customer care center to provide you with after-hour phone support for your digital banking needs. You will be carefully and securely cared for by our extended support team of professionals. You no longer have to wait until the next business day for answers to those late-night banking questions!

Call Customer Support at 563.387.5230, 24/7 to receive the assistance you need to ensure all of your online banking needs are met. During business hours, this number will allow for our in-house customer support to assist you. After hours, this line will lead to the customer care center. Please contact us with any questions about this new addition so that we can better serve you!



face maskJuly 17, 2020 – To protect you and our community, beginning Monday, July 20th, we will require all customers to wear masks or face coverings in our branches. This requirement does not apply to young children or individuals who cannot wear a face covering due to a medical condition. Bank employees will also be wearing masks in common areas and when meeting with customers.

Our branches will continue to have one entrance, and drive-thrus will remain open to serve those who would prefer to bank in this way. We will provide complimentary masks at the bank entrance to any customer who does not have one.

We know that individuals have differing opinions on this issue. We believe requiring masks is the right thing to do with the current circumstances, and are following the guidance of local health officials and the CDC.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as things continue to evolve. We care deeply about the health and well-being of our customers and employees. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We are grateful to have such wonderful customers.

Ben Grimstad
Decorah and Cresco Bank CEO



July 10, 2020 – Many American’s are still waiting for their Economic Impact Payment (EIP). There are several different reasons as to why this is, depending on individual circumstances, but the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reports that many may have accidentally thrown their payment away.

Four million American’s received their EIP in the form of a credit card. The US Treasury has reported that at least 788,000 cards have not been activated and may have been thrown out. The IRS will be sending letters to notify individuals who received a card but did not activate it. To see what these letters will look like, view their uploaded image of the envelope and letter.

Visa issued these Economic Impact Payment Cards through MetaBank (The US Treasury’s financial assistant). The payments were sent in a plain envelope from “Money Cardholder Services.” Many thought that the cards were junk mail or spam and tossed them, according to the IRS.

If you think that you may have thrown out your EIP card, you can call the card’s customer service line at 800-240-8100 to report the lost card and request a replacement.

To read more about Economic Impact Payment Cards, visit our previous blog post:



Chad MillsJuly 8, 2020 – We are excited to welcome our newest Associate Financial Advisor, Chad Mills, to the Decorah Bank Wealth Management team. As an Associate Financial Advisor, he will help people accumulate, preserve, and transfer wealth.

When asked what he is passionate about, Chad replied, “Financial Planning. I understand that financial decisions can be very complex, and I am looking forward to assisting people in making sound financial decisions for their future.” Chad says that both the leadership and experience within Wealth Management are why he chose to join Decorah Bank and Trust. The opportunity to work as a financial advisor is something that he has been working towards, and he is excited to begin this new career path.

Chad, his wife Maggie, and their son Sawyer just moved to Protivin from Waterloo. They are expecting their second son to arrive by early September. We are thrilled to have Chad join our team! To read more about our Wealth Management services, visit:



June 26, 2020 – Opening an account doesn’t have to be cumbersome. It’s easier than ever to open an account online using Decorah and Cresco Bank’s digital online account opening platform. In the midst of this pandemic, it’s easy, fast, and convenient to open your next deposit account without leaving the comfort of your own home. If you’re new to technology, no problem! Ben Wells, our Digital Banking Officer, has put together this helpful step-by-step tutorial on how to open an account online. As always, contact us if you have any questions, we’re happy to help! Click here to open an account.



June 24, 2020 – One of our goals is to help others use and reap the benefits of clean energy to help reduce the impact on our environment. In 2019, we reached carbon neutrality and continue to work on decreasing our environmental footprint! Joe Grimstad, our Vice Chairman, helped lead us in these efforts. He will be sharing a series of sustainability tips to help you and or your company become more environmentally friendly! Do you have any tips you would like to share or topics that you’re interested in learning more about? Drop a comment below!

Liz in front of door

Liz Roe at Decorah Bank welcomes you!

Lori T. open doors Cresco

Lori Truka at Cresco Bank welcomes you!

June 5, 2020 – We want to thank all our customers for your patience and understanding throughout the last few months. Though our lobbies were closed, we are grateful to have continued serving your financial needs in various ways.

We are excited to announce that Cresco Bank will be reopening on June 8th and Decorah Bank will be reopening on June 15th. We typically love to see our customers in the bank, having a cup of coffee and a cookie, but these are different times. Re-opening and allowing customers to wear masks in a bank lobby presents unique challenges. Due to the continued threat COVID-19 presents, we have initiated a variety of new protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and staff.

  • Decorah Bank access will only occur through our North doors, next to our parking lot. Cresco Bank access will only occur through the front (South) doors to limit traffic.
  • We encourage customers to wear masks – we will be wearing masks or have sneeze guards in place for everyone’s protection.
  • A staff member will greet you at the door and you may be asked to lower your mask for identification. We are different from other businesses and need to identify those coming in. Generally, we do not allow individuals to wear masks in the bank for security reasons.
  • Our walk-in services will initially be teller services only. To meet with a banker or access your safe deposit box, call ahead to make an appointment.
  • We will limit the number of customers allowed in the bank building at a given time
  • If you have a cough or fever, please do not enter the bank. Instead, give us a call or take advantage of our online services. We are confident that we can serve you through these “virtual doors” and work through all of your financial needs.
  • We ask everyone to practice the social distancing guideline of 6-ft when inside the bank

As always, we will continue to offer online and digital banking options, helping you to maintain banking from the safety of your own home if you prefer to do so. Our ATMs and drive-ups will continue to be fully operational. Please call us with any questions or concerns that may arise. We are always here to help.

Thank you for following these new rules. We will continue to monitor the pandemic status and update you as changes are made. We look forward to beginning this reopening process, and cannot wait for the day that we can all enjoy conversation around that cup of coffee again. Thank you for being a loyal customer; we are grateful for you and know that we will get through this unique time together.


Child holding jar of milkJune 5, 2020 – June Dairy Month initially began as a way to distribute extra milk during the warm months of summer. It was started in 1937 by grocer organizations sponsoring “National Milk Month.” By 1939, June became the official “dairy month.” National Dairy Month acts as a reminder of the health benefits that dairy products provide. Here are some fun and interesting facts about the dairy field!

Cow Facts:

  • A cow produces an average of 6.3 gallons of milk daily and 350,000 glasses of milk in a lifetime.
  • Cows eat about 100 pounds of food every day
  • A cow spends about 6 hours eating and 8 hours chewing its cud every day.
  • Cows drink about 35 gallons of water a day – about the same amount as a bathtub full of water.
  • Cows can walk upstairs but not down because a cow’s knees are unable to bend the way that is needed to walk downstairs.

Dairy Facts:

  • These products contain a variety of essential nutrients — including calcium, potassium, vitamin D, and protein.
  • Dairy also reduces the risk of high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and certain cancers, while helping us to better manage our weight.
  • Most milk alternative drinks have only half the nutrients of real milk and cost nearly twice as much.
  • The average American consumes almost 25 gallons of milk a year!

Dairy Farming Facts:

  • 98% of dairy farms in the U.S. are family-owned and operated!
  • Dairy farmers take great care of their cows, working closely with veterinarians to keep them healthy and comfortable. Dairy cows receive regular checkups, vaccinations, and prompt medical treatment.
  • Dairy farmers follow strict Food and Drug Administration guidelines and process all dairy foods in a safe environment.

We know what you’re craving now… go enjoy a delicious dairy treat to celebrate! You deserve it!




June 3, 2020 – Decorah Bank & Trust is delighted to announce today’s launch of greenpenny, a digital-only branch with the aim of serving industry and individuals who are concerned about climate change.

Digital-only means that the services provided by greenpenny are accessible to people anywhere in the U.S., through digital channels only and not within physical bank locations.

This digital branch will allow the Bank to expand its service territory digitally, while the existing banking offices and services in Decorah and Cresco are unaffected. Customers of Decorah and Cresco Bank will not experience a change as the operation will be facilitated through a digital (mobile and online) technology.

Clean energy mission-based
“As the climate movement progresses, people are looking for ways they can do their part to help support the use of clean energy. Because of our long-standing values, it seems natural to offer tech-based greenpenny to serve a community of like-minded individuals beyond Northeast Iowa,” states CEO Ben Grimstad.

Click here to view full story



diversity hands

June 3, 2020 – This is a painful and difficult time for our nation, as we are reminded that social and racial inequalities continue to plague us. Contributing to this is a significant economic divide between groups, which presents many problems and continues to feed the disparity that exists. Decorah Bank and Cresco Bank are a part of the Global Alliance of Banking on Values, an independent network of banks using finance to deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental development. We will work to live out this mission, working to educate ourselves and support individuals of all races and economic backgrounds. There is a power that diversity brings, improving our area and nation.