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The power of the debit card.

December 20, 2017 – Decorah & Cresco – It pays to shop and dine locally. Congratulations to Matt McIntyre of Decorah and Richard Burgess of Cresco who each won $500 for shopping locally with their Bank debit card. Thank you to all of you who made a concerted effort to support local business during our “You have the power. Shop local.” promotion. We’ve received positive feedback from business owners, managers, customers, and friends.

Here’s how it worked: Customers that used their Bank debit card at area businesses in Howard and Winneshiek County were automatically entered to win $500 in November and December. Every business weekday, we would randomly select (via a super-smart computerized program) one person’s name as a qualifying contestant. It was fun calling the qualifiers and listening to their stories of why they enjoy supporting local businesses.  There was even a way for people that don’t have our debit card to participate. See qualifiers and details here.

You are the heart of the community. Thank you for supporting your local shops, restaurants, and businesses of all sorts. Thank you for supporting our family and employee-owned business. We feel the love and we’re grateful for you.

Let us know your thoughts. Should we offer a shop local promotion similar to this again in the future? We’d love to know what’s on your mind.

Lauren standing by the cookies and apple ciderJoin Us.

Decorah & Cresco – We admit it. Baked cookies and hot cinnamon apple cider are one of our favorite things to share on special occasions. Our employee-owners at both Decorah and Cresco locations will be serving up these goodies during our week-long open house celebration during business hours through Friday, December 22, 2017. We’ll also be announcing two $500 winners of our Shop Local promotion, and we’ll share news of an upcoming retirement (who could it be?) with a display in the lobby. We would love to see you. Take a little time to enjoy – our treat! Merry Christmas!

Mel standing next to the Coin machineDecember 8, 2017 – Decorah – Quick! Gather the coins from under the couch cushions and grab your coin stash!

Bring in your coins and help us test out a new self-serve coin deposit machine located in our Decorah Bank lobby for a couple of weeks. Just follow the simple instructions on the machine, walk a few steps to one of our friendly tellers, hand them the receipt that you received, and the teller will deposit or cash out the amount on your receipt. It’s easy! We would love to hear what you think. So go ahead, bring in your jar, tin, or container of coins and give this self-service machine a try.

Have young children? Bring them along, we’re told they love sorting coins and having that money deposited into their Kids’ Club account. Of course, our tellers are always happy to do the coin sorting for you if you’re not interested in this service. Our world revolves around you and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

New employee parking lot

December 1, 2017 – Decorah – Final touches are happening on the 32kw solar canopy in Decorah Bank’s new employee parking lot. This solar array will offset electricity equating to the use of 3 average-sized homes. The new lot also features rainwater runoff control and will provide 23 parking spaces for our growing team.

Written by Ben Wells, eBanking SpecialistIdentity Thief

November 15, 2017 – Decorah & Cresco – Cybersecurity. Data Breaches. Identify Theft. These are words and phrases we hear a lot these days. In fact, something about cyber fraud appears in the news so often, we can almost get numb to it and disregard it as just another thing going on in the world. Sadly, cybersecurity is something that should be taken seriously, and you cannot let your guard down at any time. Following simple steps, and a little vigilance, can save you a great deal of time, hassle, and possibly money.

You should first know what criminals are after in order to know what to protect. You might be correctly assuming that criminals are looking for anything they can get their hands on. Data breaches like Target (2013) or Home Depot (2014) were targeted at debit and credit card information. Criminals use the information they steal to create cards of their own and go shopping on your behalf. Breaches like Anthem (2015) or Equifax (2017) are targeted at information like social security numbers, addresses, and birthdates. This information gets used to commit identity fraud, and open credit cards or to get loans using your name and good credit.

Luckily, there are things you can do to help protect yourself. Most credit cards, and debit cards (like the ones issued at Decorah Bank & Trust) now have a chip installed in the card. Using this chip to make your payment encrypts the transaction, so even if a criminal steals data from that retailer, your information is safe. Using mobile wallets, like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay do the same thing. This can be especially useful in the case of a gas pump that doesn’t have a chip reader installed at the pump, but accepts mobile payments.

Protecting your personal information is a little more difficult, but still manageable. The most proactive action you can take is putting a freeze on your credit. This should be done at all three major credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian). There is a small fee, but once the freeze is in place, nothing can ping your credit report. If a criminal is trying to open a loan with your stolen information, your file cannot be accessed to approve the transaction. Your credit is still accessible to you – you only need to call the credit bureau and unfreeze your credit file when you need it.

There are also several companies offering to monitor your information for you, at a cost. Many of these companies tout the ability to scan the internet for use of your social security number and alert you when something does ping your credit file. Some offer insurance in the case that you do suffer identity fraud. Do your own due diligence before choosing a company to make sure they are legitimate and offer protection you are comfortable with.

At the rate data breaches are occurring, it won’t be long until every person in the USA is affected in some way. Paying attention to your information and taking a few steps is key in preventing your information from being “out there”, or at the very least, making it unusable for anyone who might have it. As an account holder with the bank, you have access to Cyber ScoutTM, a service that can assist you in the event you are the victim of identity theft. Contact us with your questions, and we’ll do what we can to help you stay cyber-safe!


Decorah Bank debit cardAutomatic Billing Updater is now available for your debit card

November 1, 2017 – Decorah and Cresco – The Bank is a participant in MasterCard’s Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) Service. This new free service will allow participating merchants to receive your updated debit card information when you receive a new card for any reason. This service will save you from the hassle of manually updating your debit card information with the merchants that participate. Please refer to for more details on what this service is and how it may impact you.

If you wish to opt-out of this service, please contact Customer Support at (563) 387-5230 or visit one of our locations.
*MasterCard ABU is available only to participating merchants who choose the frequency with which they check for updated payment information. To avoid late payments and penalties, check with your merchant to ensure your card information has been updated.

October 16, 2017 – December 20, 2017 – Decorah & Cresco – To promote local shopping we’re giving away $1,000 in cash! Two people will win $500 in December. Here’s your opportunity to join us in supporting our local retail community. You’ll automatically be entered to win $500 every time you use your debit card to make a purchase in Howard and Winneshiek Counties in November and December.

One qualifier (contestant) will be selected at random each day and notified by phone. On December 20, 2017, two qualifiers will be randomly selected to win $500 in cash. We will announce the winners on December 20th. 

Qualifiers and winners first name with last initial will post on this page and the Bank’s Facebook/Twitter pages. 

No purchase necessary. See details below.

Interested in a Debit Card MasterCard® ( Stop in or call 563.382.9661 or 563.547.2244 to set up your debit card.

Are you a business owner that would like your business featured in this shop local promotion? Click here.

Lots of contestants, two will win $500

Daily Qualifiers:

November 1: Claire B. of Decorah
November 2: Donalee B. of Decorah
November 3: Mitchell M. of Cresco
November 6: Breelyn S. of Calmar
November 7: Linda O. of Cresco
November 8: Matthew M. of Decorah
November 9: Shawn H. of Cresco
November 10: Michael T. of Decorah
November 13: Rebecca B. of Decorah
November 14: Shay C. of Cresco
November 15: Robyn H. of Decorah
November 16: Daniel R. of Cresco
November 17: Connie F. of Fort Atkinson
November 20: Richard S. of Cresco
November 21: Keith C. of Decorah
November 22: Savon L. of Fayette
November 24: Dean T. of Decorah
November 27: Nicholas S. of Decorah
November 28: Derek J. of Cresco
November 29: Heather C. of Decorah
November 30: Keith H. of Cresco
December 1: Nancy S. of Decorah
December 4: Robert E. of Cresco
December 5: Brian S. of Decorah
December 6: Julia S. of Decorah
December 7: Jack B. of Cresco
December 8: Staci L. of Decorah
December 11: David H. of Decorah
December 12: Benjamin N. of Protivin
December 13: Beverly S. of Decorah
December 14: Richard B. of Cresco
December 15: Jacob E. of Cresco
December 18: James K. of Decorah
December 19: Marcia M. of Decorah

Prize details: Use your Decorah Bank or Cresco Bank debit card however you like, as a debit or credit, where Debit Card MasterCard® is accepted at retailers physically located in Howard and Winneshiek Counties from November 1 – December 19, 2017, and you’ll be automatically entered to win $500. One randomly selected qualifier will be chosen daily during the 34 business day promotional period. Thirty-four (34) qualifiers and two (2) winners will be notified by phone. Qualifiers and winners first names with last initials will be listed on and the Bank’s Facebook and Twitter pages. A $500 check will be presented or mailed to each winner within seven days of winning.

A debit card or purchase does not increase your chances of winning. To enter without a debit card or purchase: Mail or drop off a 3″ x 5″ postcard with your name, address, and phone number to Decorah Bank & Trust Co., Debit Card Drawing, 202 East Water Street, Decorah, IA 52101. Mail-in entries must be postmarked by December 11 and received by December 18, 2017, to be eligible. Enter as often as you wish; however, each mail-in entry must be mailed in a separate postmarked, stamped envelope and not mechanically reproduced, illegible, or incomplete – any such entries are considered invalid. Any expenses not specified relating to the acceptance and use of a prize are the responsibility of the recipient. Must be 16 years or older as of November 1, 2017, to win. Employees and their immediate household family members are ineligible to win. Member FDIC.


picture of Brendon Kacher

October 10, 2017 – Decorah and Cresco – Brendon Kacher understands that operating a successful business or farm is more than numbers. It’s about knowing where you are today, identifying goals, and making smart choices. Brendon is now located at our Cresco location after spending over a year at our Decorah location helping customers. He has a passion for helping farmers succeed and knows that helping others do their best is at the heart of what we do every day. If you would like to meet Brendon, give him a call at 563.547.2244 and he’ll meet you at your farm or business.


Decorah Bank leaders Joe and Ben Grimstad pictured with Cresco Bank president, Donna Thomas.

September 22, 2017 – Decorah & Cresco – Family and employee-owned Decorah Bank & Trust Company is named among the top one-percent most extraordinary banks in the United States by The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™. Decorah Bank & Trust and its affiliate, Cresco Bank & Trust Co., was recognized with the Institute’s Banky™ Award for its commitment to excellence in banking and its community.

Decorah Bank’s CEO Ben Grimstad says, “The award recognizes strong performance in community banking. It considers employee culture, customer service, community involvement, and thought leadership initiatives which are important to us.”

The Extraordinary Banking™ Awards exist to highlight the vital, yet often overlooked role community banks play in the economy. Consumers use the Grammys to guide their music purchases, the Emmys to watch the best of television, and the Tonys to enjoy the most outstanding theater.

[Video: 1:39] Click below to view Ben Grimstad thanking customers and the community for the Bank being named as Extraordinary in Banking.

Team hands within logo symbolSeptember 22, 2017 – Decorah – If working for a high-energy company that loves its customers appeals to you and you have administrative assistant skills, you’ll want to check out this exciting career opportunity!

Decorah Bank and Trust Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer, which includes providing equal opportunity for protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. Decorah Bank & Trust Company is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. Minority | Female | Disabled | Veteran