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October 15, 2019 – Decorah & Cresco – You love quick access to your online subscriptions. You don’t love being slowed down with each purchase. Who has the time?

cell phone with DBT debit card

Card Swap is now available within in our digital banking platform. It is a tool you can use to update or replace your debit card as the payment method for many popular digital services like Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Uber, Spotify, and at least 55 more services.

When your debit card gets replaced as part of its normal expiration cycle, or you get a new card, it can be a hassle to go to each separate shopping or entertainment website to update your card. That’s where Card Swap comes in to play.

Simply link your various accounts in Card Swap, enter in your new card number, and complete the swap. Your card number will be updated on all your accounts in one click of a button, saving you precious time.

Card Swap is located in digital banking (online or mobile app), and is behind the same layers of security where bank data is stored, so you can be confident using this feature. Simply log in to digital banking, click on the Services tab, and get started with Card Swap.

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Photo at the Banky AwardsSeptember 27, 2019 – Minneapolis, MN – Decorah Bank & Trust Company and Cresco Bank & Trust Company, a division of Decorah Bank & Trust, was just named among the top three extraordinary banks in the United States by The Institute for Extraordinary BankingTM.

The Bank was recognized with the Institute’s Overall Excellence BankyTM Award for exemplary performance in five areas of banking: philanthropy, customer service, thought leadership, workplace culture, and financial literacy education.

“We’re honored to receive this award for the third year in a row! It really belongs to our 100 employee-owners. We provide a healthy atmosphere and continuous learning opportunities. When combined with people who care about our customers and community, good things happen,” says Ben Grimstad, President & CEO.

The Extraordinary BankingTM Awards highlight the vital, yet often overlooked, role that local community banks play in our economy. Without a vibrant local banking industry, our small businesses and families often lack the have-your-back support of a true community bank that makes communities really thrive.

The Extraordinary BankingTM Awards recognize the best of what community banks offer to our cities, towns, and nation: a true commitment to the success of the small businesses and local community they serve.

Roxanne Emmerich, Chair and Founder of The Institute for Extraordinary BankingTM, proclaimed during the awards ceremony: “Community banks are the backbone of America: small businesses often struggle to stay, and jobs leave. Every robust community has a strong community bank that understands how to help that community thrive and grow.”



Randy Freilinger, e-Banking SpecialistAugust 5, 2019 – Decorah & Cresco – Randy Freilinger understands that technology is constantly evolving and that it exists to make our lives easier. So when Randy started working at Decorah and Cresco Bank in September 2015 at our I.T. Helpdesk, he was excited to help and educate co-workers about how to use technology to enhance their everyday work lives.

Now almost four years later, Randy has evolved his skills in the world of technology and will be taking over for Ben Wells as the new e-Banking Specialist. Ben Wells (e-Ben) is continuing his career with the Bank in digital banking services to ensure customers have the best digital banking experience with the most advanced technology available.

Randy has 15 years of technology and customer service experience and he’s ready to help you with your e-banking technology needs that goes beyond the scope of our customer support representatives.

Randy can be reached at 563.387.5230 and can help you by phone or in-person.

Decorah Bank TrollsJuly 22, 2019 – Decorah – Hans and Hilda will not disappoint with their annual appearance during Nordic Fest. Selfies and family photos are an annual tradition for many moms and dads that enjoy seeing how their children are growing each year. It doesn’t matter who you are, Hans and Hilda love to have their photo taken and will be hanging out on Water Street in front of the Decorah Bank building on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You can also see them in the parade on Saturday. In case of inclement weather, you will find these Nordic trolls taking shelter with us in the lobby.


Prevent check fraud with Positive PayJune 27, 2019 – Decorah & Cresco – As a business owner, there’s nothing more frustrating than theft. Altered and forged checks waste your time and money.

Positive Pay is a paper check fraud prevention tool that matches the checks being presented for payment to a list of issued checks provided by your business. If the presented checks match the check numbers and amounts from your list of issued checks, the check will clear your account. If the presented check does not match the list of issued checks, we will send you an alert.

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Harold Noe retires from Cresco BankJune 7, 2019 – Cresco – Ag Banker Harold Noe will retire from Cresco Bank on June 27, 2019. Please join us for a retirement open house in honor of Harold from 2 – 4 pm on Friday, June 14, 2019, in the Cresco Bank lobby. Everyone is invited to stop by and enjoy this celebration of our friend and colleague.

“We are honored that Harold spent his banking career with the Bank, and we congratulate him on his retirement,” said Cresco Bank President, Donna Thomas.

To Harold: Thank you for your years of hard work and dedication. We wish you an amazing retirement with years of enjoyment to come!

For business and ag banking assistance, visit with Brendon, Andy, or Donna at our Cresco location.