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June 13, 2018 – Decorah & Cresco – June is National Dairy Month! Help us celebrate our dairy industry by visiting us in Decorah either at our downtown lobby or south drive-thru location or in Cresco on Friday, June 15th to receive a string cheese from our Tellers.

Tellers and Ag Bankers holding string cheese

Bankers like to have fun too

June 12, 2018 – Decorah – Further development of a 2 acre Decorah City Park in the Vennehjem neighborhood, located just off Locust Road is underway. The land was donated by the Stan and Mary Jo Finholt family, a picnic shelter was given by Vesterheim Museum, and Decorah City Parks & Recreation staff recently planted trees and completed perennial landscaping. Decorah Bank & Trust recently provided $5,000 to move the park to the next development phase. This money will add to the existing Vennehjem Park fund initially established by individuals, families, and businesses. The plan will add more park amenities including; playground equipment, benches, additional trees, and a walking path around the park.

Decorah Parks and Recreation director Andy Nimrod says, “Vennehjem Park has been a wonderful addition to our 660+ acres of parkland that is maintained in the community. There is a bbq grill in place and a few picnic tables; pack a lunch and enjoy an outing. This park is open for everyone to enjoy and I thank Decorah Bank for its contribution to this community project.”

Vennehjem Park

June 5, 2018 – Decorah – Decorah Bank is sponsoring the DP&R’s third annual Slide into Summer Family Fun Night so you can get in for FREE on Tuesday, June 5, 5:30-7 p.m. Enjoy live music by The Buck Hollow Band, a bouncy house, and face painting.

Decorah Pool

ITM's and ATM'sDecorah – May 29, 2018 – Beginning today, the new hours of the downtown Decorah ITM teller service are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. ATM services are always available at this downtown drive-thru. As a reminder, deposits taken at the lobby or drive-thru facilities will process the same business day. ATM banking transactions made after 6 pm will process the next business day. See all locations and hours.

Board of DirectorsApril 13, 2018 – Decorah & Cresco – Decorah Bank & Trust Company recently introduced two new members to its Board of Directors. Larry Stevenson, a recently retired senior ag and commercial banker from Decorah Bank; and Steve Holland, associate professor of economics at Luther College will provide knowledge and guidance from their education and professional experiences.

Given the pace and scope of change in the financial institution environment, the board of directors collectively and each member individually play a critical role in the overall success of a community bank. The diversity of experiences, education, views, and opinions help build a stronger community bank.

April 4, 2018 – Decorah & Cresco – It’s all part of a symbiotic relationship that community banks have with their communities. Funds taken in by community members are put to productive use by lending that money back into the Decorah, Cresco, northeast Iowa, and southeast Minnesota’s economic ecosystem—to local small businesses and residents just like you.

Put your money to work at homeWhen you deposit money at Decorah Bank and/or Cresco Bank, those funds are used to support local businesses, homebuyers, and everyday consumers. The proceeds from those businesses employ local residents, fund municipalities, support 98 local non-profit organizations, and continue the cycle of locally based economic growth.

As we recognize April as Community Banking Month we want to thank our customers for banking with us and urge those who we hope to count as future customers to consider what it means to bank locally and help sustain our communities today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Stop by to discuss your financial situation and learn how a community bank can help you realize your financial dreams—and contribute to a more vibrant and sustainable economy in your community.

Remember—we’re all in this together. Community banks are only successful if our customers and communities are too. That’s why the community bank and its relationship business model have thrived for more than 150 years. We know what it takes to create successful local economies—join us in helping to build a more sustainable, vibrant economy here at home!


March 30, 2018 – Decorah & Cresco – Congratulations to the winners of the Easter coloring contest! Thanks to all of the children that participated. You really know how to make our lives more colorful! Winners of the coloring contest for Decorah (left picture) and Cresco (right picture) are as follows:

Contest winners

Bunny imageMarch 1, 2018 – Decorah & Cresco – Following tradition, Decorah and Cresco Bank’s Easter Coloring Contest is now underway. Parents, click on one of the pdf links below to download and print a coloring form or stop by either of our locations and pick up a coloring registration for your kids. Return by 4:00 pm on Monday, March 26th. Ages 10 and under. Happy Coloring!

Decorah Bank’s Coloring Form [pdf]

Cresco Bank’s Coloring Form [pdf]

Fraud Stop

March 1, 2018 – Decorah & Cresco – Every day it happens. Our Customer Support team visits with a panicked customer that experienced an attempt (or success) from someone trying to steal their good name, their money, or both. These are smart people getting taken advantage of through their phone lines, emails, internet browsing, and sometimes just by being human. It’s maddening – yes? YOU can fight back with prevention and knowledge. With the guidance of our fraud specialists and their hands-on experience working with government, credit, financial and advocacy organizations, we’ve brought together an exclusive collection of useful links you won’t find anywhere else. In one place, we’ve made it easy for you to directly access the information you need to know on our fraud resource page.

Special expired May 8, 2018

February 21, 2018 – Decorah & Cresco – Mmmm…the smell of money.CD Special-PB's

Do you hear the CDs sizzling? If you are looking for additional ways to save, you’ll enjoy these saving options that we are cooking up for you. No calories. No worries. The only weight gain will be in your wallet.

Enjoy an 11 month CD at 1.75% APY* and/or a 26 month CD at 2.00% APY*

Whether it’s just a few months or a few years, take advantage of higher saving interest rates than what you’ve seen in the market in a while and the safety and security of FDIC insurance. See how a CD works in this short video (3 minutes).

More CD terms are available. Contact a personal banker to help you set up the best CD options for your savings plan or open your new CD online within minutes here.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) earn interest and have no monthly service charge. *Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective as of 02/14/18 and subject to change. $2,500 minimum deposit. Withdrawals are subject to early withdrawal penalties which may reduce earnings.