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Opening July 9thTrust and Wealth Management Team members

July 3, 2018 – Decorah & Cresco – On July 9th, 2018, Decorah Bank & Trust Co. will open an annexed building to house its wealth management advisors and support staff.  This group has grown to include three Certified Financial Planners, one associate financial advisor, a Certified Senior Advisor, and their support team.

This team is currently located on the upper level of the main building, which has now reached capacity. The addition of the 6,000 square foot annex creates space for future growth in staff.

“As our customers’ financial lives become more complex, we are committing additional resources to the important work of helping people accumulate, preserve and distribute wealth,” says Justin Gullekson.

Joe Grimstad adds, “More and more, routine financial transactions are handled digitally through online and mobile banking channels. The bank’s buildings are primarily a place where more complex transactions and important conversations take place. The Wealth Management & Trust annex will be an added tool for this work.”

Quote from Ben GrimstadThe annex is the completely renovated building to the East of the bank building which was previously owned by Northeast Iowa Telephone Company. Customer access is provided through a passageway that connects the buildings or directly from Water Street through the front entrance.

The wealth management team also provides services from the Cresco Bank office in downtown Cresco.

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