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BeckyMikeLauraWhen you’re ready to make the biggest financial decision of your life, you want to do so knowing you have the backing of a bank you can trust so that you don’t experience a daunting, unknowing cloud of confusion that so many people experience when dealing with big corporations  or generic online resources  where they were only recognized by their account number and not their personal situation.

If you are planning to buy, build, improve, or refinance, you’ll feel good knowing that we go out of our way to make your home buying experience go as smoothly and comfortably as possible; that’s why we’ve gained the reputation of being the lead home mortgage go-to resource.

Are you, your family or a friend moving out of the area? Opt for none of the stress and all of the ease.

As much as we hate to see you move away…

How important is it to you to benefit from having your home financed with mortgage bankers that are from your hometown and are experienced in out-of-area mortgages so that you don’t have to take a chance in finding a trustworthy mortgage resource for your new home? We’re here for you, your family, and your friends no matter where life takes you. Connect with us at 563.382.0091, 563.547.2244 or apply at our online mortgage center. We guarantee we will get you an answer on your mortgage application within four business hours of being supplied with all of your information or we will make it right with you in short order. So, go ahead, dream big, we’ve got your back.

Have confidence knowing you’re banking with the leading lender in the area.

Unlike many other mortgage lenders, we process and service your home loan in-house, making it easy for you to get help when you need it. You won’t have to deal with out-of-state call centers or loan reps who don’t know you or your unique situation. With the help of our on-site team, there are always knowledgeable employee-owners available to help you with your questions so that you don’t have to worry about your home buying process being slowed down.

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Our Home Financing Customers Receive:

  • Free pre-qualification. This helps you determine how much real estate you can afford.
  • Free rate quotes
  • Free homebuyer educational resources
  • Knowledgeable team of professionals to answer your questions or offer suggestions to help you
  • Before or after hour appointments are available
  • Quick approval time- Decisions are made right here, by people who know you. Not at a far-away headquarters.
  • Onsite processing and servicing
  • Online and mobile mortgage application technology is easy and fast!
  • Competitive rates and terms
  • Home Construction Loan
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit. Ideal for remodeling, building projects, or big-ticket purchases.
  • Access to our first time home buyer programs
  • Available tax and insurance escrow services
  • Home mortgage financing available throughout the United States


Mortgage Team
To reach our home mortgage team contact 563.382.0091 or 563.547.2244.
Before and after-hour appointments are available. 

Customers Rave:

"Helpful, friendly, welcoming; gave us a great loan for home improvement which other Water Street bank would only approve lesser amount."

Sandhya C.

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