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Cora, virtual assistantNovember 26, 2019 – Decorah & Cresco – Cora, virtual assistant and newest member of our team, is ready to answer your questions. Cora is located on the lower right corner of the Decorah Bank website. Available 24/7, Cora uses a technology called Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Processing to take your questions any way you type them, and provide the best answer possible to get you what you need. Cora also “learns” over time, so the more interactions she has, the better she can assist!

If Cora is unable to help, or your needs become complex, this also acts as a chat feature that will connect you with a member of our bank support team during business hours. After hours, you will be invited to send a message for follow up.

Feel free to chat with Cora anytime you need, and enjoy this new technology – designed to give you access and support when and how you want it.

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