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Jordan RueApril 10, 2019 – Cresco – Jordan Rue of Cresco Bank & Trust has successfully completed the Iowa Bankers Association Consumer Credit School recently. The school is an intense program sponsored by the Iowa Bankers Association (IBA). The purpose of the IBA Consumer Credit School is to prepare consumer credit personnel who want to broaden their consumer credit knowledge as consumer credit bankers. This is accomplished by developing a better understanding of the consumer credit function, deepening the comprehension of the managerial aspects of consumer credit operations and developing and refining skills necessary to meet the credit needs of their customers.

Jordan joined Decorah Bank & Trust in March of 2016 where she began her banking career at the Hospitality Desk, and then became a Teller in the summer of 2016. In July of 2017 she was excited about advancing her career to work as a Personal Banker at Cresco Bank & Trust. Her major responsibilities as a Personal Banker involve meeting with customers and discussing their financial needs. When asked what she likes most about her career as a Personal Banker, Jordan states, “I love that every day is different! It really makes me happy when I can help a customer and see their lives change because of a new opportunity they wouldn’t have had without banking at Cresco Bank.” Jordan studied Hospitality Management at Kirkwood Community College and she enjoys watching movies with her husband and their family dog, Bubba.

If you need a personal loan, see Jordan.

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