Greenpenny, powered by Decorah Bank & Trust Co.



Banking and the Climate Movement
Being a good steward of the environment is one of our core values. We’ve been working on leaving less of a trace on our planet since the early 2000’s, and we are happy to say that the Bank became carbon neutral in 2019. Read about how we achieved carbon neutrality

It’s bigger than us
Although the far-reaching impacts of climate change sound daunting, every slight decrease in emissions each year could make a noticeable impact. This is why our work to help businesses and individuals fund practical and cost-effective energy solutions are essential. At the time of this writing, the Bank has financed over 100 clean and renewable energy projects. Read more about energy financing

Taking care of our roots
If you are a Decorah Bank and Cresco Bank customer, thank you for the trust you place in us. We will continue with our environmental practices and offerings at the local level. The addition of greenpenny will not affect your services, and we look forward to serving you in the Bank, on the phone or online as always.

Clean energy mission-based
“As the climate movement progresses, people are looking for ways they can do their part to help support the use of clean energy. Because of our long-standing values, it seems natural to offer tech-based greenpenny to serve a community of like-minded individuals beyond Northeast Iowa,” states CEO Ben Grimstad.

A byte more about greenpenny
Greenpenny provides digital checking and savings accounts and CDs that are opened and accessed through digital channels. Funds deposited and kept in these digital accounts help the Bank finance clean and renewable energy projects – and that’s what we believe is important to the community greenpenny serves.


Q. I am a Decorah Bank/Cresco Bank customer, can I switch to greenpenny?

You may. In-person and lobby services are not available with greenpenny because it is digital-only. If you like in-person access to our team, you will be better served by not switching.

Q. What kind of support will be available with greenpenny?

Greenpenny customers will receive assistance from a greenpenny support team via chat, phone, tutorials, or secure email. In-person and lobby services are not available.