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Before you begin packing your bags for your well-deserved getaway this summer, we hope that you will consider letting us know that you’ll be traveling so we can keep a close eye on any ATM/debit card charges made to your account.  It will help us help you avoid money stress and increase your security against the risk of identity theft while you’re getting some rest and relaxation.

When we see charges made to your account from various places in the United States or foreign countries, especially at all hours of the day and night, we get concerned about you and your account.  Decorah Bank is always looking to protect your account information and to help you avoid the stresses that go along with fraudulent purchases and charges.  When we see charges happening outside of your normal activity, we will try to contact you to confirm your financial activity because the last thing we want to do is freeze your account to protect it and to leave you without access to your account when you’re away from home.

So add us to your checklist of things to do before you leave home – simply contact Bookkeeping Customer Service at 563.387.5230 to notify us of your travel dates and destinations.  Keep our phone number in a separate place other than with your card.  Safe travels and remember to pack the sunscreen!



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