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May 29, 2020 – We have received questions about individuals receiving their Economic Impact Payment (EIP) in the form of a prepaid debit card, questioning its legitimacy. The IRS has announced that nearly 4 million people are being sent their EIP in this way, instead of a paper check. The payment will be on a prepaid debit card, called an “Economic Impact Payment Card”. If you receive this Card, it will arrive in a plain envelope from “Money Network Cardholder Services.” The IRS states, “The Visa name will appear on the front of the Card; the back of the Card has the name of the issuing bank, MetaBank®. Information included with the Card will explain that the Card is your Economic Impact Payment Card”.

 The following information is from

If you have received an Economic Impact Payment Card, you should:

  • Read the Cardholder Agreement and Fee Schedule, located on
  • Activate your EIP Card account, set your 4-digit PIN and get your balance by calling 1.800.240.8100
  • Sign the back of your EIP Card
  • Keep your EIP Card number in a safe place

How to use your EIP Card

  • Shop anywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted: in-store, online or by phone, including paying bills
  • Get cash back at the register with PIN debit purchases at participating merchants
  • Get cash surcharge-free at any in-network ATM. Go to to see eligible ATMs

How to get your balance

  • Log into your account at, you must register as a new user
  • Call Customer Service at 1.800.240.8100

For more information, visit



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