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June 3, 2020 – Decorah Bank & Trust is delighted to announce today’s launch of greenpenny, a digital-only branch with the aim of serving industry and individuals who are concerned about climate change.

Digital-only means that the services provided by greenpenny are accessible to people anywhere in the U.S., through digital channels only and not within physical bank locations.

This digital branch will allow the Bank to expand its service territory digitally, while the existing banking offices and services in Decorah and Cresco are unaffected. Customers of Decorah and Cresco Bank will not experience a change as the operation will be facilitated through a digital (mobile and online) technology.

Clean energy mission-based
“As the climate movement progresses, people are looking for ways they can do their part to help support the use of clean energy. Because of our long-standing values, it seems natural to offer tech-based greenpenny to serve a community of like-minded individuals beyond Northeast Iowa,” states CEO Ben Grimstad.

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