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October 23, 2020 – October is Cyber Security Month. In a world full of technology, it is vital to be cyber smart and secure. We have put together some tips on keeping your electronic devices secure from people who may want to steal your information.

Your Passwords – It’s incredible how many passwords we have to remember. Almost everything we do online requires a password of some kind to log in. What would happen if someone knew your password? A good practice is not to repeat your password for different websites. Find ways to mix it up, like using numbers in place of letters (“1” equals an “L” or “3” equals an “E”).

Think Before You Click – One of the more common ways hackers may try to put harmful software on your computer is through pop-up ads. Before clicking on the pop-up, ask yourself a few questions. Where is it going to take you? Who is producing that ad? Do you know it’s from a legitimate source? It may be in your best interest to avoid pop-ups, both on your phone and computer. Fake apps are another way hackers may try to infect your device. A best practice is sticking to standard app stores like Google Play or Apple App store. When in doubt – don’t click.

Secure Security Questions – If you are locked out of a website, you will often be prompted with a security question. It doesn’t take a lot of effort for a motivated hacker to figure out who your mother is and her maiden name. It’s also a safe bet that many people will list their favorite food as “pizza.” It’s recommended to develop some code word or phrase that doesn’t relate to the question at all. It can be as simple as saying your father’s birthdate is “bananas.” It sounds silly, but it’s an extra step to help make you and your personal information more secure.

If Your Information Is Stolen – Call the Bank immediately at 563-387-5230 and talk to a Customer Support Representative. The Bank partners with CyberScoutTM, a leader in identity theft management, who can assist you with getting your life and your finances back on track. Click here to learn more about these services.

No one is immune to fraud or identity theft, education and awareness are your best lines of defense. Check out our online financial literacy platform called Banzai to learn more about keeping your information safe.



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