Latest "Stories from the heart of a banker" Posts

“I recently helped a customer who wanted to open an account. When he came into my office, he shook my hand and thanked the bank right away, saying how we gave him a chance when he was at “rock bottom.” I’ve heard this many times from other customers, in reference to Harold Grimstad, along with […]

“When a customer deposited a larger check into her account, I asked if she had worked with Wealth Management before.  She said she had not.  During our conversation she also mentioned that she would be selling her farm for a significant amount in the near future. I asked if she would like to talk with […]

“A customer made a special trip to the Bank to thank me for referring her to Wealth Management. As she approached me with a gentle smile, she told me that Brett is helping them with a plan to put her and her husband in a good position for their future retirement. Brett also taught them […]

“Today, I had a gentleman in my office, opening a Kids’ Club Savings for his youngest child. During our visit, he stopped mid-sentence to listen to the music playing on our sound system and said, “This is the only bank I’ve heard play Metallica!” We both got a good chuckle out of it (rock on). […]