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January 20, 2020 – Decorah – A card skimming device was fraudulently placed on Decorah Bank’s Water Street ATM during the duration of January 8-12. Decorah Bank & Trust received a list of compromised cards yesterday morning and was  quickly able to identify this an isolated incident with no further immediate risk to others.  The Bank’s top priority was to quickly block card access from the criminals and to immediately notify all affected cardholders. During this time the Decorah Police Department was notified of the situation.

It is important to know that if you did not hear from us, you are not affected by this situation. There is no monetary loss to affected customers and each customer received a new card with secured information throughout the day and/or affected customers are making arrangements with us to receive a new debit card and PIN.

We have no reason to believe there is immediate further risk to cardholders and our customers, and we will continue to watch this situation very closely. Decorah Bank’s Water St. ATM is safe to use, as are all Decorah Bank ATMs. We will continue to monitor ATMs closely. Below is information provided by the FBI about identifying skimming devices placed by criminals at ATMs, point-of-sale (POS) and gas pump terminals. These devices can be hard to catch, depending on the skimming device. As always, your safety is important to us. Video footage is being shared with law enforcement. Special thank you to Decorah Police Department for their assistance in this matter.

As always, your safety is important to Decorah Bank. Thank you for your patience while we address the situation.

More information on skimming devices from the FBI:

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