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Scam AlertNovember 25, 2020 – It has come to our knowledge that individuals are receiving spoofed calls from fraudsters claiming to work at Decorah Bank and Trust. We would like to remind everyone of a few key things to look for when determining the validity of a call.

  • Please know that the bank will never call asking you to give your password for online banking or your debit card PINs.
  • If a bank employee calls you, we will not ask for your social security number. It would only be requested if a customer contacts us directly to verify your identity.
  • Never allow someone to remote in and log into your online banking. If we call you, we would never ask to do this.

If you’re ever unsure whether you are talking with someone at Decorah Bank, hang up immediately and call the bank at 563-382-9661. We can redirect you to the employee you were talking with if the call was legitimately through us. If you are concerned that you have been scammed, call us right away. There are actions we can take to help prevent monetary loss. Please remember to be vigilant to ensure a safe and secure holiday season!



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