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January 11, 2021 – 2020 was a year to remember! We started with big plans, but two and a half months in, everything changed due to COVID-19. Parts of our economy shut down. Downtown was empty. Businesses shut their doors. We closed our bank lobbies, sent many people to work from home, and shifted overnight to remote banking. Transactions were performed over email and through drive-up windows.

While this was a challenge, our nimble staff and past investments in technology allowed us to manage more than ever. We successfully processed thousands of economic impact payments for customers and funded 339 Paycheck Protection Program loans for over $34 million to small business customers, all in addition to conducting regular business! With $2 trillion of government stimulus and economic uncertainty, interest rates dropped to nearly zero, causing a record amount of refinancing activity in all bank areas. The bank is an essential business and must keep money flowing. We did this in spades!

We are fortunate to have such a strong group of bankers and just plain good humans. We look forward to a successful vaccine and hope for some bit of normalcy to return later this year. 2020 and the pandemic have been hard on everyone. We must find ways to maintain strong relationships with one another. In this divisive time, we must treat each other with dignity and respect no matter our differences.

Thank you for being wonderful customers. We are blessed to live in such caring communities and know we will make it through these challenging times together.


Ben, Donna, and Justin



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