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Decorah Bank & Trust’s $10,000 donation will pay for permeable pavers that will enhance design and use of the new Water Street Park. Permeable pavers are an alternative to traditional outdoor pavers where water can filter through the surface to the underlying soil and drainage system. Rain water would otherwise puddle on the surface and run down the parking lot collecting pollutants, essentially destroying the quality of water runoff.

Joe Grimstad, Co-President of Decorah Bank & Trust Company comments, “The Water Street Park contribution underscores our commitment to environment and community enhancement. We’re excited to see the downtown park project come to life.”

Anyone interested in donating should contact Mike Harman, 382-2020; David Lester, 382-4666; Chris Miller, 382-4284; Andy Nelson, 382-3647; or Jon Wilmes, 382-3657.

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