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Why are we offering this service? Simply stated, it’s all about finding ways to foster sustainability for community members and live our values. It seems like a win-win for all whom want to participate.

Leaders in Sustainability Commitment

We believe it’s our responsibility to reduce the bank’s impact on the environment. Providing eco-friendly services, maintaining efficient facilities and using practices such as recycling is a part of who we are.

Sustainability history highlights


Installed a 37.5 kw PV solar array on the roof of our facility in Cresco. Together with our Decorah facility, we have reduced our consumption by 25%.  Now that we are making more of our own renewable power, we will reduce our consumption of power produced at coal-burning plants even more. View live data here:


Added solar power energy meter to measure energy production in Decorah. View live data here:

Remaining lighting was converted to LED, making our facilities nearly 100% LED!

Introduced Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy Loans to provide energy-efficient solutions for consumers.


Solar panel installation

Began purchasing Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) from Luther College’s new solar array through Winneshiek Energy District. This is estimated to further reduce our carbon footprint by 41%.

Installed a 21.5 kw PV solar array on the roof of our main facility in Decorah. We estimate we will be producing 8% of our energy consumption in Decorah with our two PV arrays, or roughly enough power for 3 average-sized homes.


Our Cresco Bank & Trust Co. facility became ENERGY STAR certified.

We calculated our carbon footprint to be 643 tons of CO2, a reduction of 28% from 2009.


Purchased Oneota Tags from Winneshiek Energy District. This helped fund energy savings improvements in Winneshiek County.

80% of lighting in Decorah and Cresco facilities was converted to LED. This reduced power consumption for lighting by 50%.


We calculated our carbon footprint to be 898 tons of CO2.


Installed a 2 kw PV solar array on our drive-thru in downtown Decorah. 


Our Decorah facility became ENERGY STAR certified. And was one of only 3200 recipients in the nation at the time. ENERGY STAR is a dynamic government/industry partnership that offers businesses and consumers energy-efficient solutions, making it easy to save money while protecting the environment for future generations. Learn more about ENERGY STAR.

2005 and 2006

Our two full-service offices, in Decorah and Cresco, were built with features that minimize energy consumption.  View environmental building features.


We launched the first monthly eStatement program available in the market. Today 80% of new accounts are opened with monthly eStatements. In doing this, our customers are helping us save over 80,000 sheets of paper and 40,000 envelopes each year. Please contact a personal banker if you would like to receive your statements electronically.

Features of our buildings include:

Daily practices include:

How Can You Become Involved?

It’s all part of being one of the forerunners in the eco-friendly movement and passing on what we’ve learned to our community and our customers.

Here’s what you can do:

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