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On April 22, 1970, the country celebrated its first Earth Day, with a national outpouring of concern for cleaning up the environment. So many people were on the stump in Washington D.C. on Earth Day that Congress was forced to close early. Today the nation has infinitely more scientific capability, sophisticated cost-benefit analysis and grassroots concern to steer a course toward a cleaner environment.

Earth Day is celebrated to build awareness and appreciation for our environment. This Earth Day we shared information about what Decorah Bank & Trust Company is doing to reduce our impact on the environment.

Simple energy saving tips were exchanged and five guests took home a gift of eco-friendly household products. Local environmental enthusiast and Chairman of the bank’s Board, Larry Grimstad, presented home energy reduction educational sessions. “We are committed to protecting our environment for future generations,” commented Decorah Bank & Trust president, Ben Grimstad.

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