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“We at Decorah Bank & Trust Company believe that one responsibility of running a good business is finding ways to reduce its impact on environment. The Bank will continue its efforts, looking for more ways to contribute to a clean and healthy environment for its employees, customers, and community.” – Joe Grimstad, Executive Vice President

Another energy saving step in its efforts to become more sustainable has been taken by Decorah Bank & Trust Co. The Bank recently completed a unique project that included converting most of its office lighting to LED.

“Until now, we have seen LED lighting used in limited applications such as signage, accent lighting and holiday lighting. We have taken it to a new level at the Bank by lighting the majority of our space with LED,” comments Executive Vice President of Decorah Bank & Trust, Joe Grimstad. “We understand that there are not many businesses in the U.S. using LED to this extent yet. We believe LED will soon become mainstream, but we were ready to be an early adopter.”

Decorah Bank & Trust was using T8 fluorescent lighting, which is considered the standard in efficiency today in most commercial office buildings. The advantages of LED over T8 fluorescents are many:

  1. LED uses 50% of the energy used to light fluorescent bulbs.
  2. LED is “flicker free,” which is healthier for eyes.
  3. LED bulbs are expected to last 2-3 times longer than fluorescent bulbs.
  4. LED bulbs contain no hazardous materials.

When asked if there are any draw-backs to the new lighting, Grimstad states, “The color tone of the LED lighting is slightly different than what we were used to with fluorescent lights. It depends on who you ask – some like the LED lights better and some prefer the lighting of the old fluorescents, though many people don’t notice the difference.”

Lighting for Decorah Schools – A Win/Win

Because the T8 fluorescents that were removed still have usable life remaining, they were given to the Decorah Schools to use as replacement bulbs.

See LED Office Light Sample at Green Expo

Decorah Bank & Trust will have a sample LED light at its booth display during The Green Expo at the Winneshiek County Fairgrounds. Running from 11 am to 4 pm, on Sunday, August 22, the Green Expo is free for everyone. Information on special financing from Decorah Bank & Trust will be available for people that want to make energy saving improvement purchases.

More Eco Projects

Decorah Bank & Trust has done other things to minimize its environmental impact. A few of the projects and practices already in place at Decorah Bank & Trust are:

  1. Drawing energy from solar panels on drive-thru facility
  2. Driving ultra-efficient company vehicles
  3. Using scheduled heating and cooling controls
  4. Using occupancy-sensing lighting
  5. Participating in Alliant Second Nature program
  6. Using green-friendly cleaning products and practices
  7. Encouraging customers’ use of eStatements vs. paper statements

Still Evolving

Grimstad summarizes, “We at Decorah Bank & Trust Company believe that one responsibility of running a good business is finding ways to reduce its impact on environment. The Bank will continue its efforts, looking for more ways to contribute to a clean and healthy environment for its employees, customers, and community.”

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