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Students at five area high schools are taking part in a new financial literacy education program with support from a web-based, e-learning platform. The platform, powered by EverFi, Inc., employs the latest in new media technologies – adaptive-pathing, 3D gaming, social networking, online animations, video and messaging tools – to bring complex financial concepts to life. Through the EverFi platform, students can increase their financial acumen and earn certification in more than 600 finance-related topics.

Decorah Bank & Trust Company has partnered with EverFi to bring this interactive financial education program at no cost to the high schools. Decorah High School Principal, Kim Sheppard comments, “Schools across the nation are being asked to do more with less funding. A critical component for the future success of our young people depends on how well they understand the financial system. This financial education format will align with the new financial literacy national requirements. Our students will gain a better understanding of their own money decisions that will be relevant to them now and for years to come.”

South Winneshiek High School Principal, Mary Recker adds, “As part of the Iowa 21st Century Standards, we are very pleased to incorporate the EverFi Financial Literacy Platform into our curriculum with the support of Decorah Bank”.

The 10-unit online course offers six hours of programming aimed at teaching, assessing and certifying students on a variety of financial topics, including credit scores, insurance, student loans, mortgages, credit cards, taxes, stocks, savings, 401(k)’s and other important concepts. The system tracks the progress and scores of each student and provides those who successfully complete the course with a “Certification in Financial Literacy,” which can be featured on college applications and resumes.

Ben Grimstad, President/CEO of Decorah Bank & Trust Co. said, “As a community bank we have been aware of the need for a financial literacy program, such as EverFi’s platform, in the schools. No other school curriculum that Decorah Bank has offered in the past has been so comprehensive.”

Grimstad continues, “A community banks’ success stems from the financial strength and knowledge of its community members and customers. With solid knowledge of financial principles, these students will be able to make decisions that will affect their future, contribute to their success, and strengthen communities. Our area high schools are some of the first in Iowa and the nation to form financial literacy education partnerships and we can’t wait to get started.”

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